What is the “professional brand”? And the “personal brand? How do they interact in the craft sector? Today we address two key concepts. In an increasingly globalized and digital world, the personal and professional brand is considered as essential elements.

Professional brand

In recent years there the professional brand has become very important, especially when it comes to find a place in an increasingly global and digital market. In summary, we can define it as the set of attributes that you transmit as a professional that develops an activity. Here are 3 fundamental aspects:

– Technique: your work experience, how you transform raw material, type of products, …

– Design: spaces that have marked your history, aesthetics of the product, the relationship with other companies…

– Ethics: protocol of action or decision making before an event, activity or phenomenon

In a sector based on handmade products, these concepts take on a greater role. Each product is a reflection of the know-how of the artisan. It is the clearest imprint of who does it and how it does it. And is that, although we speak of two equal models, each product has small variations that make it unique, unrepeatable and human. This is the first competitive advantage before the industrial sector, much more mechanical and standardized.

productos handmade marca firma

Personal brand 

On the other hand, the personal brand are the attributes that you transmit as an individual and that are perceived and recognized by the community. As you will see, this means that personal and professional branding are intimately related. In crafts this relation is even more evident becose the small size of many companies, usually self-managed and unipersonal.

You must be clear that the personal brand is non-transferable and will be the base on which you can build your professional brand. You may need to create your professional brand from scratch, either because you are recycling, you start a new professional way or you are in a moment of change towards a new activity. In any case, if you develop your personal brand correctly you can develop several parallel professional brands. For example, why do you know that in the future you will change your activity again or want to undertake more than one activity at the same time.

As an artist or artisan, having a well-organized personal brand will allow you to adapt and survive in a constantly changing market. Thus, you can adapt professionally to different styles, currents and trends without losing the essence that identifies you.

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Brand, community and planning

At this point, we have to warn you: building a personal brand requires a lot of dedication and empathy. Therefore, it is important that you plan and manage your time well. If you are starting, you should know that social networks are an excellent channel to project your brand. For example, you can use Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin to show your workshop and your self through a personal page. In parallel, you can open accounts in these same networks as a company page, which will allow you to strengthen your professional brand.

In both cases, it is important to remember that:

– We are what the community (Internet users, followers, customers, suppliers …) says we are. It is the key of your reputation and how people will understand you brand. Therefore, it will only be effective if your message is clear and what you say is true / understandable.

– Be constant and take an active role. Having a presence implies engaging and interrelating with the public. Practicing networking regularly or publishing quality content on networks in a planned manner is essential.

– Take advantage of the feedback. The opinions and comments that you receive, whatever channel they may be, can shed light on what you do right or wrong. Give them the attention they deserve.

As you can see, the personal and professional brand goes beyond the signature that appears on the product. Both concepts allow to endow each jewel, illustration, furniture with a background … It is a sincere and transparent way of approaching your audience and your clients.

And you, how do you manage your personal brand?