Designers and manufacturers are already looking at the fashion colours of this fall/winter. There are new tones, some unexpected, that open up a lot of possibilities.

 Colours for fashion and decoration

Fashionable colours for this fall 2017:

Following the line marked by Pantone, 10 colours will dominate the fashion of this fall-winter. Although most are colours very similar to last year, we found some surprises. The difference is in the small details.


The bright red is one of the most dynamic colours of this palette. With an intense appearance, close to ruby, it blends perfectly with black and white. Without doubt, it is a powerful bet, that will help us to give character to those elements or pieces that we want to emphasize.

Tawny Port

It is also known as Rouge Noir and is a classic fall colour. Perfect as warm clothing or dresses, it is also a colour to keep in mind if we are looking for a stylish and timeless line.


The “toast” returns. It evokes comfort, therefore its applications are endless: from clothes to furniture. With it we can get a warm touch and trendy in the coldest days.

Neutral Gray

Much more formal, Neutral Gray colour is reserved for events. We can combine it with other more lively colours this season to achieve a better balance.

 Colours fashion clothes decoration winter 2017 2018

Shaded Spruce

If last year we presented the exuberant meadow, this year does the Shaded Spruce. It’s very similar, although the latter is slightly more bluish. Who said the greens are alone for spring?

Autumn Maple

Autumn Maple is another of the fall classics.  It combines perfectly with grey and dark blue, and has a retro look that we love.

Royal Lilac

One of the great surprises of this year: purple lilac. It is an intense colour, that can give us a modern touch. If we join with the Shaded Spruce we will get a very powerful combination. If, on the contrary, you seek to balance it, the grey tones will fit you.


It is a fresh and vital colour that conveys some peace. In clothes, furniture or decoration is always great, especially combined with roasted tones or more intense blue.

Fashionable Colours This Fall 2017 Mens Womens

What do you think? Have you already decided what fashionable colours you will choose for this fall-winter?

See you in the next post 😉