A year ago we began a cycle of interviews with artisans and makers of our country and that, since then, has allowed us to bring this world to many people. There have been 12 interviews in 12 months, where we have been able to know techniques, strategies and ways to face the difficult path of entrepreneurship. Therefore, today we wanted to look back and take stock of these stories with name and surname. Without wanting to fall into a compilation, we would like to highlight a section that is present in all the interviews we did: artisan’s tips for young entrepreneurs.

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Artisan’s tips that you should know if you want to be entrepreneur (or have already are)

Do not fall in love with your product” With this statement, Romeo Soler, founder of Labelfree, showed us that dedicating ourselves to handmade needs to be open to changes and adapt to what the market wants, not just what we want. In the interview, he added “fail quickly, fail cheaply“, one of his favorite quotes, which he has always had in mind since the beginning of his project. With these two ideas, Romeo told us that engaging in the craft world is possible, as long as we become aware of what that implies.

In this sector it is important to be competitive, something that includes knowing how to listen and fight daily the artist’s own ego. Víctor de BRZ Wood Design puts it this way “when in a market a person approaches to tell you that he likes your work you have to thank each word, sometimes they say things you already know, but almost never their advice is useless“.

Ana Tenorio, from Witchneeds, affirmed that “perseverance, faith, work capacity, overcoming and looking for that touch of luck. Betting very strongly for oneself and for what is really important “. With this “touch of luck“, everyone agrees that the new online platforms have helped -and much- to make your project possible. The painter Elvira Campo confessed this to us: “the old tools of going from one place to another with your works today no longer work. If you have something to say, let the whole world know. “

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Product, Price, Advertising and Point of Sale + craft identity

Self-promotion is a necessary path, where all investment must be planned and analyzed. Although it sounds topical, the results must be measured and put means to improve them. And this implies before all time and dedication, but it will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competence. “This is like a long distance race or like climbing a mountain. The rush and shortcuts do not lead anywhere, the important thing is to be disciplined and always go forward, trying to be oneself “commented the ceramist Verónica Moar.

One way to create our own brand is by betting on an original style that allows us to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the products on the market, but with which we can feel identified. Xavier de Hobowood summed it up like this “the difference is in questioning the order of things“. If you do what has always been done or you do not want to renounce the status quo, you can hardly offer something that has not already been done.

Two important pillars are organization and perseverance. Without them it is impossible to be efficient, manage time well or achieve your goal. We know that, once again, it takes time and organizing can sound boring, but it will help you. Start with specific tasks and distribute them over a day or several. Little by little, you will see that your goals are achievable. This was indicated by Cata Echegaray, another great potter, who would also add that of “and above all, come and have a good time. Because if you do not have a good time and you’re not happy, do something else. “

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But for all this to work, it is necessary that you also analyze yourself as a buyer. Have you bought a craft product lately? What has driven you to it? “If we want to conserve craftsmanship it is necessary that there is demand, and that happens because people are willing to invest in handmade products” Lucía, founder of Deassín joyas, thus reflected the need for a global change that starts with small gestures what can you do yourself.

We hope we have helped you with these reflections and advice from artisans. Although it seems unattainable, a handmade project can be viable and a way to make a living. As Fernando, David and Ana say of Obradorio Cambón, “although it is not easy, dedicating yourself to something you love is priceless.

We leave it here, but soon we will present more news, in addition to many other interviews. So stay tuned to our next post;)