Do you have everything ready for Christmas? Today in Labois we present a selection of wooden decoration ideas for these Christmas days. For the most traditional, modern or minimalist, you will surely find more than one idea to inspire you.

Wooden Decoration Ideas for Christmas Time

At Christmas, wood is one of the most used materials for decoration. Symbol of nature and wild, is also a warm, familiar and homelike material. It is economical and very easy to work, which offers us endless possibilities. We just need a little time and desire to make some of these ideas.

bola de navidad arbol

Christmas ornaments for the Christmas tree

The decoration of the Christmas tree is a magical moment. There are many elements that we can use, from traditional painted balls to pieces of wood carving or glass figures. Halfway, a good option is the wooden discs. In winter we can take advantage of the pruning of some tree to obtain from the branches some of these pieces. We only have to use a fine saw and a drill to drill the side where we want to pass the thread. From here, we can decorate it as we want. If we preserve the bark, we will get a natural touch.

plato madera natural fiesta

Presentation with wooden base

It is similar to the previous one, but the wooden disc is larger. Since it will weigh more, it will not serve to decorate the Christmas tree but to acclimate the presentation of our table or wardrobe. On this wooden base we can place other Christmas elements, such as candles or other ornaments. At a dinner with family or friends, it can be the perfect support to write the name of the guests. With this idea, you will surely succeed.

decoracion pared comedor para fin de año

Polar stars

If you are looking for an original wood decoration and easy to make you can choose to make polar stars. You only need a wooden strip or molding, a saw and a quality adhesive. You can draw a star on a piece of paper and on being distributed the cut of each ribbon. Once you have all cut, you can paste them by the ends as it appears in the photograph. A great idea to decorate our living room or dining room.

casita de madera hecha a mano

Wooden houses

It is a classic in Christmas decoration. You can buy the ready-made wooden houses or make them yourself, since you will only need a wooden block and a fine-cut saw. You can give it the shape you prefer and get different sizes. It is an original ornament to accompany our Christmas gifts or to improve the decoration of our table. We can also use it as an element of our manger, or make various houses to build a small Christmas diorama.

figuras talladas a mano decoración fiestas

Christmas figures

If wood is your thing you can go a step further and make Christmas figures. In addition to the traditional manger, these figures can be a perfect creative gift. Look for a useful design or an idea.

envoltorio original regalo madera

Complement of a gift

As we have seen, wood is an elegant and versatile material. So why not use it as part of the Christmas gift? Pineapples, branches, leaves, small wooden figures … can help you greatly improve the packaging, whether for a family member, friend or company. You will get a unique and special touch :)


And you, do you know any idea of wooden decoration for Christmas? What materials do you usually use in decorating these dates?