Although there are still several weeks to start 2019, designers and manufacturers are already working on interior design trends for the following year. Some of these innovations has been already presented in the last edition of the Salone del Mobile Milano. Today we collect the main elements, as well as the colors and details.

diseño interiores 2019

Photo: N Ferias

– Colors for interior spaces

After a season dominated by dark grays and matt black, 2019 is something more varied. Pale or pastel colors are positioned as essential, especially neutral shades. Light gray, lilac, reddish, beige … are ideal for any interior wall of the house. In addition, these colors give us more to light.

But among these neutral tones, we find one that aspires to become a color of the year 2019: the Night Watch. It is a special green bottle, capable of bringing freshness without losing elegance and sobriety. In fact, last year we saw how dark green filtered through the most fashionable colors.

The Night Watch is a color that perfectly combines with marble, porcelain and golden details. It seems that will come to stay and set aside, at least for some time, the current black mate.

color moda 2019 decoracion


– Geometric or tribal forms

In decorative ceramics, both for paving and covering walls, geometric is one of the main characters. It is one of the interior design trends that started 2 years ago and now is consolidated in fashion. In bathrooms it is already a reference, most of them in abstract and tribal shapes. It is considered neutral and timeless.

– Mix of textures

In the textile sector as well as in ceramics, the mix of textures will take on a greater role in 2019. This let us play with brightness and the volume of the shapes, and also with the contrast of surfaces. In the pavements it has already begun to be applied, generating original, eclectic combinations, capable of exploiting the best of each material.

combinacion ceramica madera suelo

Photo: Gwenaelle Hoyet

– Curved furniture … and smart

We find curved forms, combined with straight planes, that break with the dominant rectilinear geometry. Many edges are thus deleted, giving way to more basic, minimalist and natural furniture.

On the other hand, this “simplification” of the forms contrasts with another trend of interior design: intelligent furniture. The compact but multifunctional design is pursued, capable of being integrated into small spaces.

– Golden details and “bio”

Parallel to the arrival of neutral colors, the decorative elements recover protagonism. The golden details are preferred, either in yellow or pink. As we have seen, it combines perfectly with the green bottle, being ideal for knobs, handles or taps in living rooms and kitchens.

In addition, the “eco” spirit is maintained. The presence of plants or natural materials, such as wood or handmade ceramics, is almost mandatory. Thanks to these elements, we have a more human and close touch to these environments.