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7 essentials that can’t miss in the decoration of your shop

consejos para decorar una tienda fisica

In an increasingly visual society, it is no longer just to sell beautiful and quality products. They also tell about the experience and emotions that the client experiences when he comes to your store.

For this I bring you these 7 essentials.

1 · A pleasant welcome

Not only with a beautiful showcase, that tells a story, but with a wide and comfortable access to invite to enter. Sometimes, they want to expose so many things to get attention, which hinders comfortable access to the store.

Keep in mind that, there are studies that indicate, the first glance when entering we always direct it to the right. So use that area of your store to transmit your message or place products you want to highlight, a nice corner or a vignette.

2 · An aroma that enhances concrete emotions

This may not be the first advice you find when you are looking for how to decorate your shop. However, it is an indispensable one. Odors transmit sensations and transport us to places.

Incorporate it into your decoration, you can intersperse decorative elements between the pieces you sell or a hidden diffuser that maintains a constant intensity.

Have you never entered a store and gone without being able to enjoy or buy because the smell made you feel uncomfortable? You do not want that for your store.

consejos shopping

3 · A focal point

The way to sell is changing. People increasingly seek to feel identified with what we acquire. We want to know the story behind each piece and what it gives us.

It can be the wall to the right of the entrance, as I indicated before, a central table with the pieces you want to promote, or if the place is small, the wall in front of the door where you can transmit your brand message, motivate your clients or create an unexpected scene that identifies you.

4 · A tour that supports your sales strategies

The tour will help you to measure the amount of information that your customers will see and they will be able to take the time to see things calmly.

If the space is large, you can create areas of more privacy, with seats, shelves higher or expose the larger elements.

If it is small, with small stands, support tables, different rugs or soil treatments, you will be able to stop.

5 · Create scenes

The best way to sell something is the customer see how it can benefit, serve, use. And for that the tours and the focal points serve you.

They are ideal to create those vignettes that will help you sell your products because you can transmit how they can be used.

A trick: place what you want to promote at eye level if you do not have central areas such as low tables or furniture support.

consejo para mejorar experiencia de los clientes iluminacion

6 · Good lighting, conscious

If your business is selling products, light up the space in a way that simulates natural light. Avoid very white light and direct light bulbs.

If you combine sales space with workshop area, create a smooth transition between the different lighting of both spaces. Since the latter needs a whiter light.

Place points of light in the areas of more impact to attract attention. They can be spotlights (controlling that they do not impact the client’s eyes) to highlight something hanging on the wall or in the center of the store.

7 · A beautiful and effective farewell

Place a last-minute product on the right side of the counter. If you want to promote a sale, liquidate pieces or remind them of an event, take advantage of the right side of your counter, the wall or the display that you have.

But make it accessible and close so that you do not miss the opportunity to buy something more.

If this option does not convince you, you can always take advantage of this space to thank them for their visit and remind them that they will be always welcome, that they are at home and that they have you.

For example, encouraging them to take a photo with the product purchased, in a corner with the name of your store that works as a photocall or giving away a postcard with each purchase.

Does your store have these essentials?