Tired of the same gift paper? Why not change the presentation? Today we present 10 original ways to wrap Christmas gifts. Following the handmade line that we like so much, we have selected some valid ideas for our home or company.

Ideas to wrap Christmas gifts

envolver regalos de navidad a mano

1 – Road maps

New or old, maps are a great role to wrap gifts. You can buy them for little money at any travel store or get them for free at a tourist information point. Combined with a string and a detail like a button, will be great.

 envolver regalo handmade

2 – Music score

Another option is to use printed music scores. It provides an elegant, clean and original image, so you can use it both at home and in the company. Also, if you accompany it with a great matching bow, you will get a much more striking and artistic effect.

manualidad navidad pizarra

3 – Slate paper

Slate paper is a very interesting alternative, especially when it comes to decorating our home. Provides a black background that we can paint with chalk or white marker with the name or the reasons we want. In this case, we will need a bow or garland to get a point of colour that breaks with black.

 detalles para regalar handmade craft

4 – Christmas lights

A different way of highlighting our packaging is to contribute by an original garland. For example, imitating Christmas lights can provide a fun touch. Our advice is that, if you want to make the garland stand out, choose a neutral craft paper or a pastel colour.

decoracion navidad envoltorio

5 – Original accessories

The paper alone is only the 50% of the wrapping. To achieve a unique effect, decorative accessories can help you describe a story. For example, placing a toy car on a printed road can give us a clue about what the gift hides. In this case, the gift should be up to the presentation 😉

flores navidad regalo

6 – Use flowers or branches

If you want to give a fresh and elegant touch to your gifts, use flowers or branches as a complement. You will contribute a much more colourful value and will give a much more elaborate image.

If you use natural plants, you can use their smell as an added value. The elderberry, rosemary, thyme or bay leaves are easy to find and their smell will last several days.

 decoracion gastronomica navidad

7 – Culinary details

Giving a homey touch to our gifts is always a good idea, especially in family gifts. You can wrap the gifts with a cookie, imitation or natural. In the latter case, it is advisable to place them on the day of delivery, thus ensuring consistency. Another option is to use nuts, candies or chocolates, whose conservation is easier and longer.

sellos vintage navidad

8 – Vintage stamps

For some years, the use of stamps is a classic. If you like scrapbooking, wrapping gifts can be a good opportunity to explore its full potential. In this case, the imagination is the limit.

envolver regalo con diarios y colores

9 – Diary paper

The diary can be a perfect wrapping paper. We can find it in abundance and the stylized combination of black and white offers a neutral background on which we can work. Decorate it with red or gold colours and you will get a very original packaging for little money.

madera envoltorio regalo

10- Use thumbnails

If you have not finally found a design that convinces you, reproduce the idea that you thought in miniature. A tiny Christmas tree, a small house or a Lego character can be great items for your wrapping. Remember that if it is also related to the gift object, you will get a personalized effect with great force.

What do you think? If you know any other way to wrap Christmas gifts, do not forget to leave your comment :)

See you in the next post!