Few places in Spain are as well known for their pottery tradition as Buño. This small town of A Coruña is from time immemorial one of the main capitals of the ceramics crafts. Oleiros and cacharreiros have been producing high quality pieces for centuries, following a tradition that goes from generation to generation. Today we present an interview to a craftsmen: Obradoiro Cambón.

Fernando Cambón, David Cambón and Ana Visos are the protagonists of this beautiful project. With great sympathy and humility explain their origins, how they learned to work pottery and how is their day to day in the workshop.

diseño obra alfarera handmade

Interview to Obradoiro Cambón:

How did you discover your passion for ceramics?

We are from Buño, a village in the north of Galicia with a great pottery tradition; so we were practically born and raised among clay pots.

Where did you learn to create them?

As far as we know, almost all our ancestors were potters. Our great-grandfather taught the trade to our grandfather, our grandfather to our uncles and these to us; although in this work there is always a lot of self-taught.

What inspires you to do your work?

We suppose that what inspires us, besides the traditional forms of our ancestors, would be the Celtic art, the nature that surrounds us and the music of which we enjoy so much while we work.


What was the first creation of Obradoiro Cambón?

Impossible to remember. Our first contact with pottery was at a very early age, so we would not know to tell you but it sure was not much.

Where can we find or buy your creations?

Almost everything we do is distributed by different craft shops in Galicia and some outside. Apart from that, we sell at craft fairs, on our website and through social networks.

What is your goal or purpose for this year?

Continue working in the same line and with the same illusion as before.

 ceramic handmade en buño oleiro

How do you see the handmade market at the moment?

They do really amazing things by hand and although more and more people appreciate this, not everyone values the effort and affection that we put all the artisans in each of our pieces. 

 A tip for young entrepreneurs / artisans:

 Well that if they like what they do that go for it with all the desire of the world. Although not easy, dedicate yourself to something you love is priceless.

artesanos de la ceramica alfarera galicia

From Labois we thank Fernando, David and Ana for their participation. We encourage you to discover more about their fantastic project through its website and Instagram.

And do you know some traditional pottery company and would you like to share it?

See you in the next post :)