The files and rasps are essential tools in woodworking. They are very useful to shape, polish and get more detail in wood. But not all are valid for a clean and professional job. Therefore, today we present a selection of best brands of files and rasps.

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Files and rasps brands that every woodworker should know

In a previous post, we saw what kind of files were the most common and how we can perform different types of work according to their shape, grain and section. Today we want to go a little further and analyse the best options that we can find currently in the market.


Four generations ago the Liogier family manufactures one of the best rasps of the world. From his workshop in Auvergne (France), Noël Liogier and his workers make tools that are testimonies of time and savoir faire. The entire process is carried out in his facilities, from the forged to the thermal treatment. In addition, they have a sharp profile and are stung to the tip on both sides, getting a tool 100% useful and functional.

But if something defines these centenary rasps is that they are hand sewed. This artisan process allows to lift the material faster and leave a completely clean surface thanks to the great sharpness of its grain, slightly irregular. Thus, these rasps are very effective for roughing work, but also for precision finishes.

The brand offers a greater range of models and different types of files and rasps. They have models for all kinds of situations, including versions for left-handers.

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The average price for a Liogier scraper, with a blade of 20cm, is € 75.


In the south of France, near the city of Albi, we find another of the internationally famous workshops: Forge de Saint Juery. Its origins date back to the middle of the 19th century and since then it has been known for the quality of its wood tools. Although in 2007 the company had to close, in 2008 two enthusiasts of hand tools reopened it with the name of Forge de Saint Juery.

As in Liogier, in Auriou they carry out all the processes of rapes in their workshop, allowing a direct quality control. Here, but special attention is given to shaping and polishing the blank space before the teeth rise and harden. This step is the one that guarantees a superior quality result.

The result is a tool that cuts efficiently without leaving scratches. And for a comfortable grip and an exclusive finish, each piece comes with a walnut handle. It is not surprising that many wood professionals endorse Auriou as the best brand of scrapers and riffers made by hand.

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The average price for a Auriou rasp is € 100.


The cooperation between the firm F.Dick and the Swiss manufacturer Vallorbe / Grobet offers us another range of files and rasps of the highest quality. In this case, its great hardness (66-67HRC) guarantees its use even in the most demanding jobs. It should be noted that their teeth reach the edge, allowing a sharp cut or a flat scraping completely according to your demands.

If you are looking for a brand of files or rasps that offers you a reliable and durable product without spending a lot of money, this is possibly the best option.

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The average price for a Vallorbe-Grobet scraper, with a sheet of about 20cm, is € 70.


It is a file with a special cut, which acts as a small small-scale carpenter’s hand plane. The teeth lift small chips, making a much cleaner cut than the traditional scraper.

We liked its use, especially for the final polish, very soft, that leaves. We recommend it for jobs that have a complex surface, such as interior joints, curved shapes or convex surfaces. In addition, they are suitable for other hard materials such as bamboo, MDF or plastic materials.

We should point out that normally the Iwasaki usually serve without a handle.

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The average price for an Iwasaki, with a sheet of about 20cm, is € 40.

What do you think? Do you know other brands of files and rasps for professional woodworking? Then, do not forget to leave your comment;)

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