With Christmas time, I’m sure you have already thought about dinner and lunch menus. But did you decide where you are going to serve it? Today we propose 10 different ways to dress your table with the best handmade tableware. For this, we have present 10 of the best artisanal ceramics. From his hands come unique, elegant and original designs with which you will surely fall in love with your guests.

The best handmade tableware

The tableware made by these potters are a sign of a commitment to know-how, experience and dedication, adapted to the tastes and demands of today’s consumer. Traditional, modern, minimalist, colourful… We can find as many adjectives as styles. They have been able to demonstrate an excellent taste in decoration and final finishing.

Handmade tableware that will make your guests fall in love


We started the post with a potter artist we interviewed a few days ago: Ana Tenorio. Under the Witchneeds brand, Ana creates pieces that are true works of art. The contrast of blue and white colours makes her plates, cups and vases a winning combination for all kinds of events.

handmade tableware mediterranean ceramics

Leyla Sadeghi

Leyla Sadeghi is a Valencian designer with an excellent command of shapes. Many of her pieces are inspired by the Mediterranean, where fauna and flora converge to create original tableware. His dishes can not miss in any table where you appreciate seafood, fish and good taste.

ceramics cata echegaray

Cata Echegaray

One of the most outstanding potters in Barcelona is Cata Echegaray. Her commitment to slow made is perceived in the way of understanding ceramics. Its wide range of colours and shapes allows us to choose and combine multitude styles. Likewise, we want to highlight her project of Bonitos Pottery, an example of coworking and practical workshops that allows you to bring the world of ceramics closer to other people.

 dining table complements

Verónica Moar

Another great professional of our country is Verónica, by Verónica Moar Cerámica. Handcrafted each of her pieces, respecting traditional techniques and providing this touch that we like so much. Her works are of fine ceramics, worked with the same affection as a jewel. In addition, they are resistant to microwaves and dishwashers and easily resist the demands of daily use.

 dishes and cups to eat handmade

The village and co

Behind this initiative is Marion and Lenah, an American couple settled in Washington (USA). They make elegant and functional ceramic by hand, suitable for the demands of everyday life. Its simple design is an expression of the traditional way and a tribute to the authentic. Cups, plates and decorative figures follow this line. Therefore, it is a safe bet for all types of spaces and styles.

Funny ceramic design cat


If you are looking for an original and fun tableware, MrsBiscuitArt you will love it. Her designs are inspired by fabulous creatures. Owls, cosmic cats, unicorns or whales are just some great examples of their ceramic pieces. And this young potter, with workshop in Bielsko-Biała (Poland), is a source of inspiration for potters and illustrators around the world.

 handmade tableware


Minimalism is one of the most fashionable styles in the world of ceramics. The sober, straight, with sober colours are increasingly present in many workshops. Andrea Román has managed to take this style to another level, offering pieces that convey peace and harmony. From London, she elaborates handmade tableware of fine and elegant cut that we can find in selected stores in Europe.

Emalee Hudsonn

Emalee Hudsonn

Following the minimalist line, Emalee Hudsonn is another great example of handmade ceramics. In this case, Scandinavian inspiration is a constant in her designs. It should be noted that she works with porcelain and stoneware, offering a wide range of functional pieces. For some months we can buy your parts through Etsy.

handmade french crockery

Marie Tual

Near Nantes, in the village of Cordemais (France), there is a potter with an admirable skill. Far from the madding crowd of the city, Marie Tual handcrafts unique pieces with exquisite taste. Her style is between the traditional and the minimalist, so it fits in most spaces. Whether for special occasions or for everyday use, their handmade tableware are a reference in quality.

English tableware ceramic


If you like the wabi sabi and the philosophy behind it, it is very likely that you like Chloé Rosetta’s crockery. This young English girl, based on the Isle of Wight, makes pieces of extraordinary beauty. The combination of mineral textures and enamels print a microscopic detail and colours. Each perspective transmits a strong personality, a value that increases the exclusivity of each piece.


Michelle Luu Pottery

Finally, we present a ceramist who has managed to find the balance between minimalism and fun. Michelle, creator of Michelle Luu Pottery (California, USA), makes tableware where bright colours are intertwined with forms of oriental inspiration. In this way, she obtains pieces halfway between the traditional and the young, bringing a verve of life to our table.


How about? Do you know other potters who specialize in handmade tableware and would like to share them? Then, do not forget to leave your comment;)