In the middle of the era of digital art, where trends come as quickly as they leave, it is difficult to know what it will be fashionable or not next year. In fact, what a few years ago seemed to be a revolution, today can be something totally obsolete. And this reality does not only affect graphic design. In the field of modern painting and illustration we also find some significant changes that go beyond the author’s style. Today we analyse the main trends that probably will mark next year.


5 trends that will mark the painting and illustration in 2019

Among the wide range of trends, styles, techniques and innovations, 5 trends aspire to become popular. Many of them are born interrelated with graphic design and open the door to multiplatform format.

Duotones and double exposure

The retro style is more alive than ever. Reinvented constantly, we found a bet for the duotones. It is a very popular technique from the 70s and it has returned with strength. The new is the combination of the duotone with double exposure, in which 2 images with different tones are superimposed.

“Ruined art”

Generate impact through the “art of destroying”. It is an increasingly popular trend in which common techniques such as collage, splashing or glitch are used. Essentially, it is about “ruining” an image of classic aesthetics with effects that completely break with the traditional style. This allows to provide a new value, transgressor or even a totally opposite vision. Combination of colours, materials, techniques or even supports open a wide range of options for the most creative. In fact, this trend was one of the most present in the last edition of the Affordable Art Fair, last October in London.


Hand drawn texts

Typographies are living their golden age. Among the immense variety of options, the hand-drawn texts have a greater role. These allow to offer a much more personalized, close and human appearance that breaks with the standard image of digital texts. Undoubtedly, illustrators will find here a path with multiple options thanks to the latest technological innovations. The digital pencils or the tactile screens of drawing are tools that compete and complement the traditional pen.

Vivid colours and metallic textures

In recent years we have seen how pale, brown and grey colours have dominated art, fashion and decoration. Against this current appears a totally opposite trend: bright colours, gloss effects and metallic textures. In graphic design, along with 3D designs, this trend is already beginning to be established. Will it arrive with the same force to painting and traditional illustration?

Pop art

Undoubtedly, the main trend in painting and illustration comes from the influences of Pop art. Clean and organic lines, inspired by the natural world, are the most identifying elements. To these, also the bright colours and the contrasts are very marked. From here, the applications and variations are practically endless, covering painting, illustration, engraving, photography and sculpture. It is not surprising that this trend is closely linked to the latest trends in furniture and decoration.

Trends art 2019

 ¿Cómo crees que influirán estas tendencias en la pintura e ilustración contemporáneas? ¿Qué otras tendencias podrían influir?

 Nosotros lo dejamos aquí. Nos vemos en el próximo post 😉