Living about art is possible. Elvira Campo, artist painter from from very young age, explains her experience and her work through her passion: art. Demonstrate a great know of oil while she answers our questions. In just 10 seconds she paints a rose with great depth. Her life is a great example of that if you want, you can. Today we wanted to know more about and ask what it is like to be a painter today.

 Artistic workshop of painting and illustration

Interview to Elvira Campo, an artist painter

When did you start to paint? How did you learn it?

From the moment I remember, I’ve always been enthusiastic about drawing. At the age of 15 my parents gave me an easel and an oil briefcase, which triggered my creativity. I discovered a world in which I could express myself, in my own way: academic figuration never interested me.

What do you usually inspire to do with your creations? What makes them special?

I get inspired by everything I see, heard, imagine… and above all nature and flowers, without them I could not live. It is literature, in particular poetry that has awakened in me a whole world of images. Classical music, another source of inspiration. As Mario Benedetti said “poetry says what prose is silent”. This is how I understood the painting.

 Oil painting by elvira campo

Can you live with painting? Through what channels do you sell?

Becoming a professional painter is not easy. I would not have arrived alone if I had not met my husband Urbano, a great painter. Both we have fought and researched for 30 years. We have travelled much of Europe, exposed in many galleries starting from the base. The fairs have been another of our points of sale. Today Internet is a must.

What is your goal or purpose for this year?

Today we have needed to make a parenthesis, to reflect and seek inspiration in a different landscape, by the sea. A few months ago we left our studio in Girona to come to Benicarló. We have fallen in love with the sea, the landscape, the orchards of this area.

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A tip for young entrepreneurs / craftsmen:

From my experience to be able to dedicate fully to the art and live as an artist paintert, you need help and something more. That something else is that although it sounds cliché, the artist is born and then it is done. In addition, extra help is needed, especially with promotional tools. Informatics, Internet, has meant a total change, and necessary to use.

There are great professionals of the subject that will know to present you, in a modern and effective way.

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Good luck and lots of passion!

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