Rhombus, palm trees, french fries or bicycles. All this you can find in Sockaholic socks are an example of originality made in Spain. A few days ago we talked about them as an example of handmade fashion. We were curious and we wanted to know more. So we asked to their founders more about their project and their know-how.

If you remember, Sockaholic is a young company based in Madrid. Founded just a few years ago, today it is a reference in handmade fashion, offering socks made with high quality products. A soft and comfortable garment. But Sockaholic is much more. It is a project loaded with new ideas, informal and conveys a lot of energy. Pure color.

We present Sockaholic from the hand of its founders:


Sockaholic interview:

1.- How do you create Sockaholic? How it started?

Sockaholic began the year 2011 when two friends were looking for socks beyond the typical whites or executives. When they did not find them, they started to create their own company under the slogan #Feelthecolor.

2.- How are your socks different?

Subjectively we have other designs compared to other brands. But objectively we bet on the quality of our fabrics, organic cotton and optimal working conditions for all the people who are part of the process.

3.- What was your referent or model? Did you prefer to be self-taught?

We have been self-taught but always listening to advice from friends and professionals. You have to know how to listen.

4.- What is your goal or purpose for this year?

This year we bet for more visibility. In Sockaholic we want to appear in more shops on the street that have our essence and we want to be known by more people.

5.- How would you like to be reminded by the people who see your socks on the street?

We would like to remember us as a fresh, cheerful brand and a touch of color to the look of people.

6.- A tip for young entrepreneurs / craftsmen:

Be faithful to yourself and learn from everything around you.


We leave it here for today. Do you know any brand of handmade fashion? What do you think of Sockaholic socks? See you in the next post 😉