You probably remember Labelfree, an innovative and original shoes project that we talked about a few days ago. We really liked the idea of selling shoes without intermediaries, so we decided to find out more about this fantastic company. Therefore, we wanted to know who is behind all this and know what makes his shoes so special.

Interview to Romeo Soler, founder of Labelfree:

entrevista fundador labelfree romeo soler

The idea of setting up an online store to sell shoes can scare you. There is a lot of competition, with companies of many sizes and designs for all tastes. So why consider such a project like this? Romeo Soler himself refused to accept this idea. It was then that he realized that it was possible to sell high quality shoes at a very competitive price. The trick was to sell directly, connecting the manufacturer to the end customer.

In fact, the idea was not new. In Elche, a city with a long tradition in shoes manufacture and where Labelfree is born, it is usual to find stores that sell their products directly. The really innovative bet is to make the Internet the main selling channel. In this way, it is possible to avoid the costs of advertising, distribution, stores or points of sale that end up making the product very expensive.

The result? An online store where we can buy high-end shoes of excellent quality at a price that is much lower than the big brands. They are handmade shoes, made in the same workshops that are used for large firms. The difference is that Labelfree prints its hallmark of “made with love in Spain“.

Interview to its founder, Romeo Soler:

For our part we just have to thank Romeo Soler for his collaboration in this post. It has been a pleasure – and honor – to know him more closely.

What did you think? Did you already know Labelfree? What do you think about this project?

See you in the next post 😉