Today we speak of one of the most projected artisans in the world of handmade jewellery: Lucía Ruiz de Assín. Founder of the Deassin project, her jewels are the fruit of inspiration and the most genuine experience. She creates unique pieces, minimalist and with modern nuances that make his creations are true works of art.

Since 2013 she has made handmade jewellery in hes workshop in Madrid. Earrings, pendants, rings … on your website you can discover a wide variety of options of her know-how. You will find high quality handmade jewellery for all pockets.

We present her in Labois recently and we could not resist to asking her more about the origins of Deassín. And what better way to discover this original project than the hand of its founder?

handmade jewellery byr lucia de assin

Interview to Lucía Ruiz de Assín

When did your love of jewellery begin?

Since I was a child I loved doing things with my hands, and also dressing, disguising myself, decorating myself. I liked to make my own necklaces and bracelets, at the beginning of balls, then Fimo, and, after finishing the university, I understood that it was my vocation and I wanted to study Jewellery.

Where did you learn to create them?

I started doing some courses before going to Chile with a university scholarship. I loved it, for that reason I contacted a Chilean artist-jeweller and I was there like an apprentice. Six months later, when I returned to Madrid, I entered in the jewellery school.

Ring handmade by deassin

Did you follow a model or did you have a reference?

Not really. I have always created by trying, with the materials and the tools in my hands, spontaneously, and I continue to do so. Do not design jewels on paper.

What was your first creation?

Anchor earrings. Even today, the people keep requesting them,  so they are available on the web.

A place where to inspire you to make your jewels?

My work table.

lucia ruiz de assin jewellery bracelet

What is your goal or purpose for this year?

I am developing a more exclusive collection in gold and diamonds, with a simple line, nothing reloaded, bordering the Decó style. The idea is to make a series of engagement pieces,  that goes beyond the commercial offer that is usually found in jewellery stores. It is a proposal of high jewellery in the line and style of Deassin.


How do you see the market for handmade jewellery today?

Now people talk a lot about handmade. I think it is valued as a concept, but it is not yet a reality as a choice of consumption. It is important to talk about it and people are interested, but if we want to keep the craftsmanship in demand, there is a need for people to invest in handmade products. They are often more expensive products, but also more unique, and often of more quality and more durable.

Here it is convenient to differentiate between what is truly handcrafted and what the “handmade” label carries for free: it is not the same as a piece manufactured from the development of an original prototype, made and manufactured by hand, than to buy industrially manufactured parts and put them in a box. This practice is quite habitual and totally detracts from the sense of the fact by hand.

Workshop handmade jewellery deassin madrid

We leave it here for today. And you know any workshop of handmade jewellery? What do you think about Deassin? We have loved their designs and the professionalism of Lucia.

See you in the next post 😉