Innovation through Craft. Nowadays, handmade products are a real and sustainable alternative to industrial and mass production. So, it is not surprising that a lot of people is searching for creativity and inspiration. Instagram or Pinterest can help us to find new ideas, although they are not always real cases or well documented. Therefore, today we present a selection of books to find inspiration, learn techniques or discover stories with names and surnames. These are the craft books you should have if you like handmade or you dedicate yourself to it professionally.

libros para amantes del handmade recomendados

Craft books for lovers of handmade:

1.- Carve! A Book on Wood, Knives and Axes – Hannes Dahlrot (2018)

If you like to carve wood, you will love this book. It is one of the best guides to start in the world of carving and for knowing all the techniques. Here you will find everything you need, clearly explained and with some great colour photos: types of trees and wood, collection, tools, techniques, maintenance and safety tips. Undoubtedly, one of the most complete and inspiring books on wood carving.

2.- Woodworking: Traditional Craft for Modern Living –  Andrea Brugi & Samina Langholz (2018)

From a more technical and evocative perspective, the woodworkers Samina Langholz and Andrea Brugi teach you how to make 20 beautiful wooden objects for the home. Explained step by step, this book is ideal for those who already has basic knowledge of woodworking and want to make a real project. The reader will find here tips, tricks and techniques for an easier and professional job. All this, in an environment inspired by the rural area of ​​Tuscany.

3.- Woodland Craft – Ben Law (2015)

If you’re a woodworking nostalgic, this is your book. In it you can find all kinds of elaborate projects, such as baskets, spoons, chairs or even wooden fences. All of this, using natural resources from the forest or the field. It is a book recommended for all ages, easy to understand and with a captivating rural atmosphere.

4.- Ultimate Woodwork Bible: A Complete Reference with Step-by-Step Techniques – Phil Davy & Ben Plewes (2017)

This technical book is one of the best modern woodworking manuals. It contains practically everything a woodworker would need to know (wood types, cuts, tools, assemblies, bending techniques…). It has infographics, photos, tips and practical recommendations. Therefore, it is a very good option for young woodworkers or construction professionals who wants to know or refresh their knowledge.

books for carpenters

5.- The Artful Wooden Spoon: How to Make Exquisite Keepsakes for the Kitchen – Josh Vogel (2015)

Among various craft books that exist, this is already a classic one. Today, it continues to be one of the best manuals dedicated to the development of these utensils, accompanied by very inspiring photos and practical advice. If you like the handmade world or have a foodie friend who appreciates natural products, this book will make you fall in love.

6.- Made to Last: A Compendium of Artisans, Trades & Projects – Vanessa Murray (2017)

From a more transversal perspective, Vanessa Murray presents us the value of handmade products. It shows some real examples: from whiskey glasses to shoe brushes, custom neon signs or bamboo bicycles. A highly recommended reading for those who wants to know about handmade products or as inspiration for other craftpeople.

7.- Urban Potters: Makers in the City – Katie Treggiden (2017)

A reference in contemporary ceramics, this book collects real stories of professional ceramicists. Here we can discover their experience, but also their works, their workshops, how they organize and order the pieces, as well as the most used tools and techniques. For this reason, it is one of our favorite craft books, which we recommend to all handmade lovers.

8.- Making Books: A guide to creating hand-crafted books – Simon Goode (2017)

Modern and practical, this manual is one of the best readings on graphic arts. It is pleasant, direct and clear, with photos that illustrate the different sewing and joining processes of the pages. Therefore, it is suitable for both beginners and professionals. With this book you can expand or refresh your knowledge about or learn new techniques

books for professional artisans

We finish our selection of books here. Which craft books do you have? Which is your favorite?