Alimentaria is the most important food fair in Spain and one of the most important in Europe. Every two years, producers and distributors from all over the world participate in this impressive fair, which has managed to position itself as the main international showcase of gastronomy. In Labois we have not wanted to miss this special event and to know, first-hand, the news and trends that will mark the market.

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Participate in Alimentaria: the best business card

Edition after edition, Alimentaria exceeds its record. More than 4,000 exhibitors, 100,000 square meters (or what is the same, 10 hectares) and an average of 35,000 visitors per day. And the numbers keep improving. This year, the first day of the fair broke the record of visitors of the previous edition, a figure that was exceeded on the second day. The convening of this edition together with Hostelco has allowed us to unite two closely intertwined sectors, and to our knowledge, it has been a very strategic decision. This has allowed the attention of more visitors.

Strolling through the halls of this fair is a delight for the senses and a master class of marketing and sales for those who know how to appreciate the details. It never ceases to amaze us the great effort that many PIMES have made to be present in Alimentaria and compete directly with the largest companies. It is the clearest and most admirable example of the alive spirit of this market and the importance that this event has for him. Participate in Alimentaria is the best business card – and sometimes, the only one – to present itself to the great international market.

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The news of Alimentaria 2018

Among the infinity of products and claims that are presented as a novelty in Alimentaria, several market trends stand out:

– Individual packaging

What began a few years ago as a necessity, is today a way to test the tastes of the client. While it is true that a certain improvement in the economy contributes to recover the standard average size, the formats packed in smaller units have their market. On the one hand, they allow improving the food preservation (pastries, cookies, soft drinks or even sausages) by not having to open the entire batch at one time. They are also easy to carry in your bag, they are lightweight and take up little space. Many of them are designed to be consumed at school or at work, to save us in an improvised meal or to snack between meals. And in addition, they are much more profitable for the manufacturer and the distributor as long as the packaging has a contained cost.

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– Packaging with a careful design

Many of the packages presented in Alimentaria present a very elaborate design, in accordance with the values that the brand wants to transmit to a specific target. This is in close relation with the previous point: smaller containers and exclusive, allows to place the product at a higher price.

The bet for visual marketing has been very present this edition. Unlike previous editions, this year we have seen a considerable increase both in the area contracted and in the quality of the stands themselves. The average surface of each exhibitor is around 50 m2, reaching over 200m2 or having 2 floors in some cases. The decoration, the furniture or the lighting have been decisive to transmit a message of quality.

sabores autenticos chocolate

– More authentic flavors

It is one of the main new of this year. The commitment to quality products involves offering more natural flavors, less processed and purer. In coffee and chocolate is where we find the strongest bet, with the appearance of new ranges of dark chocolate or Arabica coffee. Likewise, dairy products and sausages have not lacked the “artisanal“. These products are focused on an increasingly common target, which shuns large consumption and is willing to pay a little more to have a higher quality product.

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– Healthy more and more

Without a doubt, it is the great bet of this year. Superfoods, such as quinoa or kale, have had a good press in recent years, encouraging a demand even among the youngest. The manufacturers know this, and this is why they have incorporated ingredients such as quinoa, kale, or almond milk. An example of this is the Litoral salads, the new Cacaolat Veggie or the vegan almond dessert from Dhul.

te eco

– Ecological and proximity

In the 2014 edition, exhibitors dedicated to organic products occupied only a few square meters. Today, 4 years later, even the big brands have entered fully into this sector. An example of this are Honest’s bio, Nestlé’s new eco ground coffee, Coren meat, … who have opened new production lines to approach an increasingly demanding and informed public, aware of the environmental crisis and the need to take care of your own health. In fact, it connects directly with the idea of smart shopping that we saw a few days ago.

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Under these market trends, manufacturers and distributors seek to be better to their competitors, especially in consumer products with little differentiation. Do you think these trends could be applied to artisanal products? And your business?