Why do customers choose a restaurant? Why do you choose this one and not another? There are more reasons than the price, the location or the menu. Today we analyze the trends that these businesses and what elements we can use to influence and attract more customers.

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The decoration of the restaurant, as important as the menu or the price

In Spain there are 260.000 gastronomic locals. In other words, there is one for each 175 people. It is the highest density of this type of business in the world. Therefore, if we have a bar or restaurant and want to differentiate ourselves from the competition, it is necessary to go beyond the letter or the price. To begin, we must define an idea or theme on which to articulate all the elements (letter, service, decoration …). It is the basic idea, the fundamental keyword on which we will articulate the rest of the elements of our business. This idea will be the first step to start building a brand image and what will allow us to be unique.

Will our restaurant be Japanese? Fast food? A French-inspired bistro? Defining this idea will help us to build all the elements around. Under this premise, we can start working on a more global project, where our customers enjoy a complete experience. The decoration has an important role here, being the base where all the activity will take place. Therefore, each element of our restaurant should point in this direction. Thus, we can take a first step to position ourselves in the market and link our image to our brand. From here, we must work to get the customer to live a unique and unrepeatable experience.

corporate image restaurant

Our image, recognizable in an instant

If we want to approach the client and capture their attention, our image must be focused on it. It seems easy but it is more complex than it may seem. A first requirement is that our brand image transmits warmth, confidence and is easy to recognize. For this, it is important to bet on the world of sensations (colors, smells, the dimensions of each space…), as well as a quality product are basic elements. Our potential clients will dedicate only a moment to assess our façade or website when choosing where to eat. If they detect any element that is confusing or that suggests low quality, it will discard us.

In this marketing of sensations, the appearance of the premises must also convey quality. This does not have to imply exclusive finishes. Currently, we can find materials, colours, textures … at a very good price. The important thing here will be to be clear about what we want and not let ourselves be carried away by ephemeral fashions.

inspiracion decoration for gastronomic stores

The complete experience of our clients

There are four key elements that we must treat with special attention so that our clients have a complete experience.

  • The visible materials. As we have just seen, for our customers there is a clear relationship between the quality of the decoration materials and the quality of the menu. Parquet floors, solid wood tables, retro lamps, hydraulic floor tiles, … there are endless options. Therefore, it is important to prioritize those that best fit our image and contribute to a clean and elegant appearance.
  • Illumination. If we want to specialize in fast food, the lighting will highlight the order bar. If our goal is to offer breakfasts, it is important to bet on an environment where natural light and landscape stand out. On the contrary, if we are going to offer dinners, it is advisable to opt for a more subdued, warm and romantic lighting. The placement of the points of light is very important in each case and will help us create different atmospheres, directly influencing the sensations and mood of our customers.
  • Acoustics. Does our restaurant allow a conversation between diners at the same table? This is another important point. It is very likely that many of our guests come accompanied and talk to each other. Our place should favor it, eliminating possible annoying noises. In addition, our neighbors will also appreciate it.

open kitchen trendy restaurant

  • Visible kitchens. What at first seemed like a fashion, is already a necessity. The influence of television programs as well as a greater demand for transparency has led to the redesign of kitchens. Cooks must now be visible and the customer must be able to interact with them. It is an opportunity to transform this space, traditionally closed, into a stage-show in view of the customers, thus providing added value. In this way, we will also reinforce our image as an open, clean and trustworthy restaurant.
  • The homey touch. Can our customers feel at home in our restaurant so comfortable? It is a key element to retain our customers. If our place transmits a warm and familiar atmosphere, it is easier than attracting more people and making them come back. For this, it is important to incorporate elements such as a retro or vintage decoration (something that reminds of the client’s past), as well as free wifi service, that the place is clean and accessible, offer a careful WC or a comfortable and functional furniture. A calm and polite treatment by the service will help to achieve this homely effect.

What do you think? Do you know any restaurant where they should apply any of these points?

We leave it here today. See you in the next post 😉