Nowadays there is a real fashion for food truck business. Imported from the United States, this model of mobile cuisine can already be found in weddings, fairs and multitude of events. Therefore, today we want to present a list of points to follow if you are thinking of start a food truck business. We started.

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How to start a Food Truck Business 

Despite its recent appearance in our country, we can already find suppliers, online portals or even specialists in this area. We have decided to summarize in 10 single points the most important aspects:

1.- Today, in Spain food trucks can only offer their services in spaces or enclosures enabled for the occasion. Unlike the United States, where we could sell anywhere, in Spain there are restrictions. The reason is that there is still no regulatory framework that integrates this type of service, generating an ill-adapted model.

2.- Knowing the municipal regulations. Here we can get there the permission to sell legally. Therefore, we must know the different rules and ordinances in this regard. In some cities these may be more restrictive than others.

3.- Food legislation. Along with the previous one, it determines how to sell food products. For example, if they are pre-cooked, we must prove that we have an authorized establishment. Complying with hygiene standards, ensuring product traceability, allergens or food handling permits are key factors.

4.- Experience in restaurants. As easy as it may seem to serve hamburgers or pizzas, it is important to know some minimum restaurant management guidelines. Here we could include our ability to manage the different order rates and level of the kitchen work.

5.- Market study and feasibility of our project. As you can see, start a food truck business is not just about having a van. Among others, it involves a lot of dedication, but, like any business, it is also important to have a future vision. We must make sure that wherever we go there would be demand enough. Look for spaces where you can compete in price and product, or you can differentiate yourself from the rest. Weddings, hotels, campsites or music festivals are some ideas to keep in mind.

To know if our location is profitable, visit before the space that you want to go. If you look what kind of food truck is selling more, the prices and work in kitchen, you can get an idea of whether it is viable to be there.

How to Start your own Food Truck Business

6.- What will we offer? The product we want to offer must be realistic with our production capacity, the staff and the space we have. In fact, the menu that we are going to offer will determine the type of vehicle that we will use and probably its decoration.

7.- The packaging. We cannot forget that we offer a take away service, so our menu should be able to eat standing or leaning on a bar. Using a packaging focused on the customer’s comfort, can allow us to connect with it and provide a bonus to the competition. In addition, if we use biodegradable materials such as paper or wood we contribute directly to the conservation of the environment, a value that can connect with our menu. Remember that the use of EPS (porex) is increasingly restricted, is not reusable and in some countries, such as France, are already prohibited.


8.- Design your brand. Take advantage of social networks to make a brand and where and when you can find your food truck. They are tools for now free and will allow you to sell more. You just have to invest time and desire.

9.- Choose the best food truck. You do not have to buy the biggest or most expensive, but the one that allows you to do better what you want to sell. Once you are clear, the next step is to shape it. There are markets and workshops specialized in the sale or transformation of food trucks, such as Mundo Traction or Food Truck Company. Let yourself be advised and state your idea. You can get one from € 15,000.

10.- Investment and return. Once you have raised all the points, you will need to make numbers. Calculate costs, expenses… If the balance is positive, go ahead with your project; Otherwise, reconsider. Remember to make a projection of at least one year, so you can plan and distribute the investment throughout the calendar.

If you are able to follow all these 10 points, start a food truck business will be much easier. Even so, our advice is to never stop innovating and improving your service and product. For this it is very important the feed back of your customers. Complaints or suggestions are an opportunity to face new challenges and keep improving.

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We leave it here. We hope we have helped you in your project.

See you in the next post 😉