We continue our selection of organic wines made by small producers. In the previous post we could see a small sample, but we are left with the desire to include some more brands. And, given the great offer we can find in the market, it is not easy to opt for one or another winery. Therefore, it is likely that there are other options that, like the ones we present today, are also worthy of mention but that escape our experience.

bodega Peregrine Wines

Small producers of organic wine: experience, know-how and dedication

The list you will find below has been prepared taking into account the specialization of its producers in organic or biodynamic farming. It is a niche that is increasingly encouraged by growers around the world, so it is not easy to discern between those who are 100% dedicated to it or simply have bet as a new range of products. For this reason, we have prioritized the small producers who have spent their entire lives there and who elaborate each of their bottles with great care and taste. As usual, you probably do not know many of these wineries since their production is limited and difficult to find. But although they may be unknown to most mortals, these wines are among the best in the world. In addition, its presentation is exquisite;)

 La Londe

Far from the ephemeral tumults of the villas of the Cote d’Azur, in Provence we find one of the best ecological rosé wines: La Londe de Château Léoube. It is the result of centuries of dedication to the divine drink that, with great patience and effort, have managed to extract from the earth a pleasure for the senses. It is obtained from old vines of Garnacha and Cinsault, harvested manually.

From the vine to the glass, this wine has an authentic focus and in perfect harmony. Its bottle is one of the most beautiful and elegant, a subtle claim for those gourmets who can appreciate the details and nuances. With a very pale pink color, a sign of great delicacy, this exceptional wine stands out for its fruity and natural aromas. Fine but clear taste. Ideal with appetizers, scallops, tartares or fish.

Price of the bottle: 40€

pequeños productores de vino francia

Pontet – Canet

If we had to choose a Bordeaux red wine that kept the essence of this region and also embodied the values of savoir faire, we would definitely stay with the Pontet – Canet de Pauillac. Its origins date back to the eighteenth century, its wine history does not begin until a few years ago, when vines of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Carbernet Franc were planted. Each year they produce a new edition of this great classic, which is an elixir for the senses. Balanced, silky and with a sweet final aftertaste reminiscent of the taste of blackberries. We recommend it with red meats and cheeses.

La producción y crianza del vino en el Châteu Pontet-Canet es tan evoc

The production and aging of wine at Châteu Pontet-Canet is as evocative as its flavor: 50% in new barrels, 35% in Dolia and 15% wine barrels. A laborious process that lasts more than 12 months before its commercialization. In addition, the winery is located in a beautiful neoclassical castle, headquarters of the firm, where the whole process is carried out.

All this makes the Pontet – Canet is one of the best red wines, being one of the few that has received 100 points out of 100 in the Robert Parker index (vintage 2010).

Approximate price per bottle: € 100

productos eco cultivo francia

Moelleux Première Trie

In Touraine-Valley of the Loire we find the Domaine Gaston Huet. The history of this century-old winery is closely linked to the history of the family. His dedication to wine begins with Gaston, hero of World War II and mayor of Vouvray. Since then, his children and grandchildren have kept alive the tradition in winemaking, adopting methods that respect the environment. Thus, since 1990 it was decided to use biodynamic techniques in all its crops.

The totality of the plantations of Gaston Huet are from Chenin Blanc, a versatile but often unappreciated grape. And the climate here plays a very important role: the warmer years create sweeter wines. For this reason, the Moelleux Première Trie stands out, the most famous and appreciated of its wines. Its unmistakable freshness and natural acidity allows these wines to age for centuries. One is able to feel the jasmine, the rose and the fruits ripened in the sun in each drink. Its pairing is perfect with duck, foie or blue cheese.

Approximate price per bottle: € 130

vino blanco dulce francia loira

Brunello di Montalcino

We leave France to travel to Tuscany, specifically to Castelnuovo dell’Abate. Here is the San Giuseppe wine estate, directed by the brilliant Stella di Campalto. Here we find the highest fruit quality and soil expression in an incomparable ecological red wine, grown in just 6 hectares of field. Without a doubt, it is a magnificent example of what small producers can do. In addition, the exploitation is ecological and biodynamic.

They combine French oak barrels and Austrian barrels to maintain all the f flavors. The wine is pale and clear garnet, with a light flavour of red cherry, cooked earth and pine. Fresh, structured and very pure. Great to combine with red meats.

Approximate price per bottle: € 60 (buying a box)

viticultora italiana toscana

Pinot Noir

We finish our selection on the other side of the world, in New Zealand. Here we find two small producers, Greg Hay and Adam Peren, who run the Peregrine Wines winery. They grow Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Gris, but the Pinot Noir is why the farm is famous and always excellent. Its vines are located in the central valley of Otago, one of the most beautiful natural areas of this country. If you are going to travel around the area, you can not miss their contemporary style winery, where you can see and taste their wide assortment of wines.

Regarding the flavor of their wines, all organic, they stand out for their flavor of ripe black fruits, dry spices and flowers. It combines purity and elegance with texture, concentration and length. Ideal in pairings with tartares and vegetables.

Approximate price per bottle: € 20

vino ecologico producido artesanalmente


We finish our selection of organic wines made by small producers. We know that there are many others, so we encourage you to share those you know and would like to recommend.

See you in the next post 😉