We continue our post about ceramic craftsmen on Instagram. We present you 6 profiles more, with a lot of charm and that will serve to inspire you or learn something.

Ceramic craftsmen to follow on Instagram:


Kira Ni Ceramics

Kira Ni Ceramics  is a small study of Malta (formerly located in London). Behind iy, we find a young craftswoman and designer with great potential. She presents a collection of minimalist ceramic, with reference to the modern American design, and the organic forms of the Scandinavian tradition. Halfway between rustic and modern, it is characterized by the simplicity of its forms, reminiscent of elements of nature.

The pottery of Kira Ni is obtained by means of two firings – one of them at 1260ºC. This guarantees that they are strong enough and resistant, able to withstand the demands of life. As it could not be otherwise, each piece is handmade and presents those imperfections that give it a unique value.

For our part, we love the combination of colours with which she usually uses: white mud, black, grey and two collars of broken white enamel. If you want to know how it does, we invite you to enter her website and know more details.


Miro made this

Few profiles of ceramic craftsmen are as well cared for as Miro Chun. From his study in the United States, he made pieces of porcelain and stoneware for functional use. In this case, we are faced with a design that emphasizes the tactility of clay as a material.

Miro is an architect influenced by the relationship between objects and the way they are placed. Therefore, he makes each piece as an object that forms part of a space-environment. The surface and the materials that it uses present an evolution as we use them. The rough touch of the new becomes smooth with use over the years, becoming more significant with age. That pottery is used in daily life thus takes on a deeper meaning.


Wingnut & Co.

Asuka and Anna founded Wingnut & Co. in 2013. It was a parallel project to their independent art practices which, in a very short time, developed as a company and online store. From their study in Melbourne, they make pottery with a modest design, where natural materials stand out as simple patterns and textures. They use cuttings of wood from woodworking workshops in the capital. In addition, they use reused materials to stop experimenting and give them a second life in a sustainable way.

The Japanese influence is very present in the pieces of Wingnut & Co. Asuka was raised in northern Kyushu (Japan), adopting traditional designs and techniques of this area.

We have really enjoyed their goal: to create handmade, affordable and functional ceramic items. And all this, with an admirable know-how and a very careful design.


Key West Pottery

One of the profiles that have surprised us was Key West Pottery, a gallery specializing in the different fields of ceramic art, located on Key West Island, Florida. It is influenced by the subtropical traditions of the island. The legend says that the island was formed by fugitives, artists and pirates celebrating a lifestyle that revolved around beauty, nature and freedom. Knowing this, you will understand the works that this space holds. They encompass functional ceramics and ceramic artworks, ranging from tea bowls to large-scale public facilities. These are influenced by the most authentic “Key West”, with a contemporary and elegant aesthetic full of colour, mainly orange, electro blue and tropical green. Surely after seeing your works, you will fall in love with this tropical paradise.

ceramic craftsmen sophie moran designer

Sophie Moran

Sophie Moran is a ceramic artist, producing tableware and unique pieces with great care and love, as we see in the video presentation. With a magnificent workshop in Melbourne, Australia, she makes exquisite pieces through simple and functional shapes.  With later treatments that reflect her desire for a timeless aesthetic, giving it a meaning beyond daily household use.

But her love for pottery goes beyond mere production. Sophie is also co-founder of Domestic Frontier, a dynamic group of local manufacturers to promote innovative, high-quality handmade works. And recently, he has also begun to collaborate with illustrators.


Olivia Walker

Olivia Walker’s pieces stand on the border between art and design. This designer gives a unique treatment to the line, the shape and the light. The clay texture assumes a life of its own, growing and multiplying and sweeping through form. Having recently moved the studio to Barcelona, Walker is very excited about the prospect of new inspiration. The truth is that in this case we could well apply that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So we invite you, to finish this post, to enter to her profile of Instagram and know these fascinating designs.

We leave it here. What did you think of this selection of ceramic craftsmen on Instagram?

See you in the next post 😉