A few days ago we presented a purchase guide to choose our first cooking oven. Today we go a little further and we analyze the best brands of artisan ceramic kilns. Whether you are new to clay modeling or you have been doing it professionally for years, in this post you will find a selection of products that adapt to your needs and level of production. For this, we have turned to artisan potters, who have shared their experience with us. With them, we have developed this selection of brands, showing you the advantages -and disadvantages- of each one. We start

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Brands of artisan ceramic kilns, which is the best?

As we saw in the previous post, choosing a ceramic kiln is an important decision. Its size and performance will directly condition our production level. Its location, consumption, power, degree of heat retention … are variables that we must take into account. And of course, to all this we must add the quality of the oven itself. Poor cooking or an untimely breakdown can ruin hours of hard work. Therefore, after many tests, errors and some frustration, we can say that the best kilns for artisan ceramics are:


Among all brands of ceramic kilns, Paragon is undoubtedly the most popular. This company, based in Texas (USA) has been making this type of machines since 1948. Today, it has the most extensive catalog, which includes 1,500 references and more than 20 series, aimed at the artisanal and industrial sector.

Paragon is a recommended brand for those people who are looking for a standard performance oven and do not want to spend a lot of money. The wide range of models and configurations has allowed them to produce in series, considerably reducing the cost per unit. So, for about 1,000 euros we can access the most basic models, which can be front or top loading. The infinity of configurations and optionals that the brand offers us allows us to obtain a custom-made oven at a very reasonable price.


The Nabertherm ceramic kilns are wonderful. Efficient, reliable and with a very nice aesthetic. This German brand has managed to position itself among one of the best in this sector thanks to the know-how achieved with the production of ovens for industrial production. Thanks to this, their smaller ovens and destined to handicraft workshops have practically the same features as the larger ones: digital control panel, double layer door with long lasting sealing, stainless steel structure, … In addition, they are  easier to use and the quality of its materials is excellent.

The only downside we can find is its price, quite higher than the average, and that is around 7,500 euros in the most basic models.

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Skutt is an American company specializing in electric kilns for ceramics. It stands out for the development thermocouples chords to the needs of the client (something that is appreciated in the daily use), counted at the moment with 4 models. Its sensitivity and precision allow to manage the cooking functions in detail.

On the other hand, Skutt is one of the brands of kilns for ceramics that has worked most design from a perspective of functionality. For example, top loading models have an easy opening mechanism. With a single finger we can lift or close the door, something that normally requires great effort.

Like Paragon, Skutt has managed to develop professional ovens at a very low price (from 1,600 euros). Its products are of superior quality – without even matching Nabartherm -, which stand out for their strength and reliability.


Our selection of brands would not be complete without the German Rohde, one of the best for craft ceramics and glass. Its high-performance ovens are designed for the demands of daily use in professional ceramics workshops. To do this, they have scaled models according to the degree of production. In this way, Rohde offers its customers the possibility of growing together, putting at their disposal models that fit the flexible use that usually requires an artisan.

Rohde is synonymous of quality, design and last technology. Its commitment to sustainability has placed energy efficiency and durability as major challenges for this company. In all its models, maximum consumption optimization is achieved, providing a technological plus that is evident in the results and the electricity bill. It is something very positive since each cooking usually lasts from 4 to 6 days.

In addition, it has an extensive network of after-sales service, being one of its strengths compared to other brands of ovens.

The price? In this case, we have good news. They start at 2,000 euros with the models of the ECO range. It is no wonder then that it starts to be the favorite brand of many ceramics craftsmen.

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What do you think? Did you already know any of these brands of ceramic ovens? Which is your favorite?

We leave it here. See you in the next post 😉