About me


My name is Étienne Labois.

I am 27 years old and I live in Barcelona.

aI studied history, but now I am a graphic designer and I came from a family of woodworkers. I love handmade products and everything that has been created with delicacy and love. I hope to be able to share all my hobbies, projects and travel experiences with you.

This blog was launched with the aim of recognizing the know-how of craftspeople and professionals who make products with their own hands. From woodworkers to painters, in this blog I write about the lives and works of people who truly believe in this lifestyle. Behind each object there is the mark and character of its creator. I found the inspiration to create this project thants to the beautiful products of these creative people. This is the spirit of Labois.

If you also feel a love for this world, we speak the same language. This is your blog :)

If you want to contact me, my email is hello@labois.com


Our team

 Labois was born one afternoon in September 2016. A group of friends realized that, in a consumer society, it was difficult to find quality products, originals or work that bore the imprint of an individual, so we decided to take action.

With this idea, we set out on a project that recognizes the work of artisans and professionals who make products with their own hands. Since then, we have worked to connect and make known the world of professional craftspeople. For this, we wanted to start from our own experience, creating the character of Étienne Labois as a common link between the three of us. Of course, putting the focus on the craftspeople and their know-how; the true purpose of the story.

Today, Labois has already created a small community through which craftspeople can spread their brand, their products and the spirit they include in each of their creations. In addition, we wanted to go a little further, offering a lifestyle perspective to know more about their day to day lives, both inside and outside the workshop.

If you are a professional artisan, whether it is making pottery, wooden objects, jewellery or any other quality product, we would love to hear  your story. Do not hesitate to contact us at: hello@labois.com